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AIPCE –CEP White / Fin Fish Study

The European finfish and seafood added value processing industry relies on a consistent and sustainable supply of raw materials to satisfy consumer demand for  seafood products, both for domestic and out-of-home markets.

AIPCE-CEP and its members use the Finfish Study at EU and member state level to justify the need for imported seafood, particularly white fish to produce added value seafood within Europe. The European Commission Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries published their ‘Study on the supply and marketing of fishery and aquaculture products in the European Union’ of May 2009, which was undertaken by Ernst and Young. This report corroborated both the importance of and reliance on imported seafood for the European processing industry. Further, it was suggested that the imported seafood for further processing did not impact on nationally landed seafood supplies.

Supply statistics in these reports are based on analysis and interpretation of EU Eurostat data. Key developments impacting supply and highlighted in this report, are based on the experience of AIPCE/CEP members. Proactive steps have been taken to either enable supply or to mitigate potential supply issues. The aim is to ensure a regular, consistent and price competitive supply base that meets stakeholder and consumer expectations.